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Caregiver Pre-Service Orientation
The Caregiver Pre-Service Orientation introduces essential information required to become a foster caregiver of Indigenous children and youth in British Columbia. Participants will experience an overview of knowledge and understanding needed to provide culturally safe care for Indigenous children.

Participants will learn the history of Aboriginal peoples, the impacts of colonization, the process of becoming a foster caregiver in British Columbia, and strategies to help strengthen the child’s cultural identity.

Length: 18-21 hours

Caregiver In-Service Training
The Caregiver In-Service Training provides ongoing learning and information for caregivers already parenting children and youth in care.

Participants will learn strategies for parenting children with FASD, coping with grief and loss, attachment issues, and other circumstance that arise caregiving children and youth in care.

Length: 53 hours

Caregiver Training Needs Survey

The Caregiver Training Needs Survey recently conducted was designed to gain an understanding of caregiver training needs across each of the Delegated Aboriginal Agencies (DAAs) in the province. The survey included questions that covered a number of domains including the characteristics of their DAA, training completed, training needed, and the training delivery preferences. In addition, the survey also sought to identify barriers to training completion and supports available for caregivers to attend training. As a result of the survey we are currently making changes to our training programs and working on our training schedule.

Download Survey Results (Acrobat Reader Required)